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Green Deal Podcast - Малките и средни предприятия и климатичните рискове - Еп. 11

Автор: Добромир Видев


България е разположена в един от регионите, особено уязвими при внезапни наводнения и суши, а някои фирми трудно реагират на климатичните промени.



Фермерът Александър Дегянски от Румъния, предоставен от Clara Iancu, journalist, Radio Romania Antena Satelor 

Инж. Ваня Кьосева - ръководител на катедра „Инженерна екология“ в Химикотехнологичния и металургичен университет в София. 

Нина Колчакова, генерален секретар на Асоциацията на застрахователите.


Title: Do SMEs understand climate-related risks in their business?

Author: Dobromir Videv


According to the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change, Bulgaria is located in a region particularly vulnerable to sudden floods and droughts. Some businesses find it difficult to respond to climate change. Others have no problem. The problem needs to be addressed “Bit by Bit”. "You can’t eat the whole elephant at once", says Silvia Todorova, director of the Center "Entrepreneurship" at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.
Dr Eng. Vanya Kyoseva, head of the Department of "Engineering Ecology" at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia, says there will be new specialities to prepare the staff to guide the business through the environmental challenges. Nina Kolchakova, head of the Association of Bulgarian Insurers, says people should know they are responsible for their property?'' In addition, if government aid is the only thing everybody relies upon, businesses will go bankrupt waiting for this help.


Farmer Alexander Degyanski from Romania, provided by Clara Iancu, journalist, Radio Romania Antena Satelor

Eng. Vanya Kyoseva - head of the "Engineering Ecology" department at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy in Sofia

Nina Kolchakova, General Secretary of the Association of Insurers.

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